• Associate Member, Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • Assistant Professor, College Of Nursing

Current Courses

Summer 2024

  • NURS 7700-090
    App of Outcome Measures

Spring 2024

Fall 2023

Professional Organizations

  • American Association of Cancer Research. 01/01/2023 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Psychosocial Oncology Society. 01/01/2020 - present. Position : Member.
  • Society for Behavioral Medicine. 01/01/2018 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Society of Preventive Oncology. 01/01/2014 - present. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about promoting individual and shared learning by cultivating a safe environment and promoting growth through challenges with mutual respect and accountability. As a first generation college student I am dedicated to supporting students from all background and walks of life.