Robert John Kraemer, CCC-SLP, Ph.D. portrait
  • Associate Professor (Clinical), Communication Sciences & Disorders

Research Summary

Too date Dr. Kraemer has completed a 3 year study comparing the influences of the combination of home and school language input on language development in bilingual children. The study also looked into possible effects of grade and parents home language and education level. Dr. Kraemer also supported a thesis study investigating the perceptions of SLPs who assess bilingual Latino students.


  • M.S., Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Central Florida. Project: Listeners' Perspectives of African American English
  • Ph.D., Special Education, School Psychology and Rehabilitation, University of Arizona. Project: Psycho-Educational Assessment of English Language Learning Students.


Dr. Kraemer has been at the University of Utah since 2014. His research interests include (1) examining the role of home language support in developing school readiness in bilingual children, (2) examining current assessment practices of SLPs assessing bilingual children suspected of language impairments, and (3) developing informal language assessment measures for bilingual children suspected of language impairment.

Dr. Kraemer was born in New York but has since lived in Florida, Arizona, California, and Utah. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children whether it be here in Utah or in various travel destinations.