Peter C. Lippert portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Geology & Geophysics
  • Affiliated Faculty, Global Change & Sustainability Center


  • Bachelor's of Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences/Geological Sciences, The University of Rochester. Project: Magnetostratigraphy of the Early Cretaceous Sverdrup Basin (Canadian Arctic): Implications for the Nature of Valanginian Glacial Episodes
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Earth & Planetary Sciences/Geology, The University of California, Santa Cruz. Project: Rock Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Applications to Paleogene Climate Change and Tectonics: Studies from Eastern North America and Central Tibet
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Geosciences, The University of Arizona. Project: NSF Continental Dynamics: The Suturing Process (2011-2013)
  • CIFAR ESEP Post-Doctoral Fellow, Geosciences, The University of Arizona. Project: The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Earth Systems & Evolution Program: Development of New Proxies for Identification and Characterization of Paleowildfire (2013-2014)

Research Summary

I use field study in conjunction with paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, and collaborative stratigraphic, geochemical, and geochronologic approaches to investigate a wide range of geological puzzles. Specifically, I utilize the unique information encoded in the magnetic and chemical properties of geological materials to understand tectonic, paleoclimate, and paleoecological processes, and to recognize feedbacks between geodynamics, climate change, and surface processes.