Current Courses

Spring 2024

  • MET E 5470-001
    Digital Image Analysis
    Location: FASB 388 (FASB 388)
  • MET E 5760-001
    Senior Design
    Location: MEB 2325 (MEB 2325)
  • MET E 6470-001
    Digital Image Analysis
    Location: FASB 388 (FASB 388)
  • MSE 1800-001
    Contemporary MSE
    Location: WEB L126 (WEB L126)
  • MSE 5098-001
    Senior Design
    Location: MEB 2325 (MEB 2325)

Fall 2023

Professional Organizations

  • Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration. 02/28/2013 - present. Position : Member.

Courses I Teach

  • MET E 5420/6420 - Mineral Surface Chemistry of Aqueous Systems
    The course focuses on the surface chemistry study of multiphase systems involving mineral, liquid, and gas, considering the polarity and surface state of different mineral classes. Theory part include: 1) Surface reactions, intermolecular forces, and interfacial water; 2) Origins of surface charge and electrokinetic phenomena; 3) Surfactants and adsorption reactions; 4) Bubble/drop breakage, coalescence, attachment, and release; 5) Fundamental issues in froth flotation, solvent extraction, carbon adsorption, and semi-conductor fabrication. Hands-on training include: 1) Contact angle and surface charge measurement; 2) Demonstration of spectrometers such as FTIR and SFVS; 3) Molecular Dynamics simulation of a mineral-water interface; 4) Ab-initio simulation.
  • MET E 5470/6470 - Practical Digital Image Processing and Analysis
    The course includes an introduction to the fundamentals of image processing with topics such as basic 2D image processing, 3D image processing, quantitative analysis of images, and practical applications. Software, such as ImageJ (Fiji) and other algorithms, will be used in this class for 2D/3D analysis of multiphase systems. Advanced 2D imaging instruments, such as FTIR/Raman microscopes, and 3D imaging technology like X-ray computed tomography will also be introduced in this class.
  • MET E 5480/6480 - Introduction of Steel Making
    The course focuses on fundamentals of steel making, including hot iron pretreatment, refining (both basic oxygen converter and electric arc furnace), continuous casting, and hot rolling. Flowsheet and process parameters for selected steel products will be discussed in class. Hands-on experiences include metallographic analysis of steel samples and a field trip to the Nucor Plymouth plant in northern Utah.
  • MET E 5680/6680/568 - Mineral Processing II: Design and Advanced Control
    The course focuses on metallurgical design in mineral processing of precious metals, base metals, steel raw materials, industrial minerals, and rare earth. Field trips to industrial mineralogy lab and mineral processing plants with different flow sheets are arranged. Latest advancement in mineral processing such as High-Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR), ultra-fine grinding, and pre-concentration technologies are introduced. Foundation of Advanced Process Control (APC) will be trained, including control strategy, fuzzy logic, and hands-on programming.
  • MSE 1800 - Contemparory MSE I
    The course introduces contemporary materials science and engineering, including metals, polymers, and ceramics, to students that are new in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Lectures of basic knowledge, laboratories for hands-on experience, and field trips to local manufacturers are arranged during the full semester. By the end of class, the students are expected to have a systematic understanding of materials science and engineering, which will facilitate their success in completing undergraduate study and future career development.
  • MSE 5098/MET E 5760 - Senior Design
    The Senior Design class is a capstone experience that focuses on design. Topics in different aspects of Materials Science and Engineering/Metallurgical Engineering will be selected by students for the Senior Design project. Students will work on their design projects independently but under the direction of a faculty member and an industrial advisor in the area of specialization. For graduating seniors only.