• Adjunct Instructor, Educational Leadership&Policy
  • Librarian, Marriott Library

Current Courses

Spring 2024

  • ELP 7062-001
    Qual Research Meth II
    Location: M LI 1140 (M LI 1140)

Professional Organizations

  • International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). 04/2021 - 12/2022. Position : Member.
  • Library Organizations: ALA, ACRL, ULA. 11/13/2013 - 12/2023. Position : Member.
  • Educause/ELI. 07/16/2016 - present. Position : Member and ELI Conference Proposal Reviewer .
  • American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). 09/21/2017 - 12/31/2018. Position : Member and 2018 Educator Conference Committee Member.
  • American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). 01/08/2018 - 12/31/2018. Position : Member.
  • Phi Kappa Phi. 03/23/2007 - present. Position : Member.
  • Kappa Delta Pi . 03/15/2004 - 12/31/2018. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

As a library faculty member, my role as a teacher and mentor is quite different from a traditional departmental teaching role. I work with both students and teachers across a variety disciplines, levels, and topics. I often teach outside of and beyond the traditional classroom context, and span formal and informal educational contexts. With relationship building as the core of my learner-centered teaching approach, I believe that learners and teachers learn from each other and must share in the teaching and learning responsibilities. My focus, no matter what I am teaching, is to develop connections with learners, build a better understanding of learning bottlenecks and motivations, engage learners in the process of ‘doing’ while learning, and guide learners as they construct their own meaning. I share my passions and past learning experiences to model how learners can connect to their passions, and I strive to establish trust and a level of comfort so that the learning space becomes an engaged community of practice.

I see myself as a teacher-scholar and I ground my teaching practice in The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Sometimes it is hard to see where my teaching practice ends and my scholarly research begins because I use evidence from my classroom and teaching to improve my practice. For example, data I have collected in my library research classes, demonstrate that students (both at the graduate and undergraduate levels) express anxiety about doing research. Undergraduate students reported that they want to learn how to be effective and efficient researchers, but in many cases do not know where or how to start. Therefore, I have re-framed my instruction around how to do research, or rather the process of research, instead of just teaching library databases and resources. I use a mix of formal and informal instructional methods, integrate hands-on practice and active learning, and provide opportunities for reflection and peer learning. In teaching the research process and library skills development, my outcomes are to engage learners in the scholarly process, embolden the beginning curious learners, as well as, emerging scholars to develop those lifelong research skills they will need to support their learning journey and uncover their own researcher identity.

Before moving into the library in 2011, I designed and taught a variety of CTLE graduate courses focused on instructional design and teaching and learning in higher education. Now as a teacher-librarian, I continue to share my expertise in this area and often collaborate with librarians and faculty who are designing and teaching their own courses, or partner with them to embed library research content into a variety of courses. I search out avenues to collaborate and an aim to establish relationships beyond the library that span departments, colleges, and campuses. Developing teaching partnerships with colleagues, such as Research Education, to design and teach a hybrid/asynchronous training program for their instructors, has helped me improve my teaching craft. For me, teaching collaborations have morphed into grant collaborations and provided new opportunities for sharing my teaching and course design, assessment/evaluation, and qualitative research expertise.


Courses I Teach

  • MD LB 2010 - Intro to Research Techniques and Laboratory Skills
    This 2 credit undergraduate course (2014-2020) was designed to teach qualitative and quantitative research skills to a cohort of Health Science underrepresented students each spring as part of a 4-year learning community program. This course prepared students to conduction community-based research for their culminating program project. This course contained a library research component and an autoethnography qualitative research methods component. the second part of the course taught quantitative laboratory skills.
  • LEAP 1100 & 1101 - LEAP Librarian for Soc Sci and Exploration courses
    As the embedded LEAP librarian I have taught 10 library sessions across an academic year for 3 different LEAP sections in business, and the social sciences. Attached is an example of an alignment grid for the library 5-session objectives, assessment and teaching learning activities for a social science learning community course exploring GMOs.
  • ACRL - ACRL Library Online Course: Qualitative Research
    I designed and taught an ACRL-sponsored 6-week online course in Moodle: Using Strategies to Assess Library Services and Programs Qualitative Research. Project Lead and Instructor: Donna Ziegenfuss. 02/16/2015 - 03/25/2015.
  • ELP/ECS/EDPS 5000-6000-7000 - Graduate Courses: Library Research Guest Lecturer
    Library visiting lecturer for a variety of graduate Education Leadership & Policy (ELP), Education Culture & Society (ECS), Educational Psychology (EDPS) courses.
  • (ex. EDPS 2030, WRTG 2010, WRTG 3030) - Undergraduate Course Guest Lectures
    Library Instruction in undergraduate courses in writing, education, honors, etc.
  • (ex. SPED 6610, H GEN 6350, COMM 7360) - Graduate Qualitative Guest Lecturer
    I provide guest lectures on qualitative research methods and using NVivo qualitative software upon request across many colleges and disciplines.

Student Projects

  • Mentor for MUSE Internship Transfer Student Project that resulted in a co-authored book chapter: Ziegenfuss, D. H. & Swartzmiller. K. (2020). Partnering to connect the dots: Using collaborative autoethnography to explore the transfer student experience. Book chapter accepted, printing in progress 10-2020. In N. Fawley, M. Robison & A. Marshall (Eds.). Transfer Student Success: Advancing Outcomes from the Library, Chicago, IL: ACRL Press in December 2020, published April 2021. Kayuanna Swartzmiller. 01/08/2018 - 04/20/2018
  • Mentor for CTLE Teaching Scholar Jonghee Kim, a social work graduate student that culminated in a co-presention at the CTLE Annual Teaching Symposium. Jonghee Kim. 01/12/2015 - 08/24/2015
  • MUSE Scholar Project:a mentoring and training of a sociology student in qualitative research methods. Paid MUSE research assistant. Cynthia Yocum. 09/01/2014 - 05/08/2015
  • Mentorship for Library Science MS student. Ashley Bassett. 06/24/2013 - 08/09/2013
  • Dana Duncan K12 Library Media Intern I assisted in teaching Dana about qualitative data collection and analysis for a survey project. Danna Duncan. 06/05/2013 - 06/30/2013
  • Mentored three College Education Education Leadership and Policy (ELP) program graduate interns interested in working in Higher Education while I was the Assistant Director of the Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence. Denise Brenes, Karlton Munn. 09/02/2009 - 12/03/2010

Past Courses I have Taught

University of Utah, Salt Lake City Utah

Co-Instructor for an Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) online Moodle Course:Big Data in Healthcare course: Exploring Emerging Roles, Spring 2020

Taught through the Research Data Management Working Group at NNLM whihcl working as a Data Coordinator on a grant project 2 year.

Co-Instructor for a University of Utah MOOC, Spring 2015

Teaching Flipped, co-taught with Dr. Cynthia Furse, College of Engineering, on

Co-Instructor for a University of Utah MOOC, Fall 2014

Teaching Flipped, co-taught with Dr. Cynthia Furse, College of Engineering, on

Co-Instructor for a University of Utah MOOC, Spring 2013

Creating a Quality Online Course, co-taught with Qin Li (TLT) on

Associate Instructor for Health Science Center Course Spring 2013

UUHSC2400-001 - Introduction to Qualitative Research for Health Sciences LEAP students (SP 2013)

MDLB 2010 - Introduction to Research Techniques and Laboratory Skills (SP 2014)

Associate Instructor for Undergraduate Studies 7/08 – 8/11.

CTLE6000 – Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

CTLE6510 – Cyber Pedagogy (Teaching and Learning Online)

CTLE6590 – Directed Readings in Higher Education

CTLE6520 – Advanced Cyber Pedagogy


Widener University, Chester, PA

Adjunct Professor 7/04 to 12/07

PT915 - Instructional Technology

       TED530 - Instructional Design and Technology

       ED505 - Alternative Educational Models

       ED793 – Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (course co-designer)


Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA

Adjunct Professor 1/03 to 5/06

GRIT699 - Graphic Imaging for Multimedia Design

GRIT734 - Visual Literacy

Small Group Teaching

  • Work with teams of Physician Assistant students and Genetic Counseling students on research methods, survey design and qualitative research, who are working on capstone research projects.  01/16/2023  -  04/30/2024
  • Qualitative Research Methodology and Data Analysis Mentoring: I began work in 2020 working with the Department of Pediatrics that was interested in collecting interview data to evaluate a resident night call program and design more formal curriculum. I worked with Dr. Meghan O'Connor and her graduate assistants to design an interview protocol, and mentor in interviewing skills. I then mentored Dr. O'Connor and 2 other doctors in qualitative coding analysis of the interviews in Excel.  12/2020  -  04/2022
  • Each year, I met with graduate students of Dr. Erika George to teach NVivo software. Students were helping Dr. George conduct qualitative research related to the corporate responsibility text on corporate documents. Book project involving the NVivo graphics is in progress.  02/2018  -  03/19/2021
  • Series of three small group Bioinformatics faculty seminars to help prepare them to teach online. Topics were Online Course design, Active Learning Strategies, and Assessment.  10/20/2017  -  11/27/2017
  • Invited facilitator for a small group of College of Fine Arts faculty titled: Making a case: How to do a literature Review for a Grant Proposal.  11/18/2016  -  11/18/2016
  • Flipped Teaching seminar for Biomedical Informatics faculty and graduate students working on hybrid course designs with Dr. Cynthia Furse.  09/01/2016  -  09/01/2016
  • Invited presentation and keynote for an Instructional Designer Regional Seminar on Library & OERs to Enhance the Online Learning Experience.   08/04/2016  -  08/04/2016
  • CTLE Annual Teaching Symposium Every year I contribute at least one teaching and learning session at the Annual CTLE Teaching Symposium. I find these small sessions as a wonderful opportunity to connect with small groups of graduate students on a variety of teaching and learning and library topics.  08/12/2013  -  present
  • NVivo and Research Strategy Instruction I teach a lot of small group instruction sessions on NVivo and doing qualitative research. I mentor graduate students and conduct small group sessions for faculty on evaluation, assessment and research practice.  10/03/2011  -  present