Leticia Alvarez Gutiérrez

Curriculum Vitae

  • Associate Professor, Education, Culture & Society


Research Summary

As a critical multicultural scholar, my research trajectory is informed by a commitment to produce new knowledge and extend the field of critical multicultural education with a better understanding of youth identities, immigration and family school engagement, and teacher education. My research focuses on the following: 1) Youth’s ethnic/racialized and learner identities, 2) Family-community-school partnerships, and 3) Teacher education and praxis.

Research Statement

 My research draws from critical multicultural education, migration scholarship, cultural assets and ecological frameworks as well as ethnographic and participatory research methodologies. My research and scholarship purposefully responds to the social, economic, and political discourses that pin immigrant students and their families as outsiders and not legitimate contributing civic members. Specifically, my research serves as a catalyst toward creating culturally responsive classrooms and school policies, transforming pre-service and in service professional development as well as strengthening family-school-community partnerships with an emphasis on the education of immigrant youth. My publications have informed educators about immigration and educational policies, family school partnerships, praxis and teacher education. The outcomes of my research have critical implications for understanding the persistence rate for immigrant youth along the educational pathway in P-20 systems.

I demonstrate my commitment to maintaining an active and focused research agenda with my accomplished and active record of refereed publications. The dissemination of my scholarly work via presentations constitutes another significant area of my research activity. I have participated in 38 research presentations of which 18 were refereed conferences, and 10 have been invited presentations. In addition, I have been awarded a total of $97,000 in grants (internal and external funds) to support my research trajectory. 

Research Keywords

  • Activism as a social justice practice in educational spaces, Interest Level: 5
  • Communication, Education, and Social Justice, Interest Level: 5
  • Critical Multicultural Education, Interest Level: 5
  • Family-School-Community Partnerships, Interest Level: 5
  • Participatory Action Research, Interest Level: 5
  • Teacher Education & Praxis, Interest Level: 5