Research Summary

Jessica’s research interests focus on improving outcomes for specialized groups of women. Currently she is studying processes and outcomes of labor induction. She hopes women’s care can be managed effectively in efforts to promote physiologic birth and reduce primary cesarean sections. Jessica is also interested in family planning and pregnancy intention research. Other areas of interest include obesity, adolescents, and vulnerable populations.


  • Associate of Business Administration, Business Administration, MiraMar College, San Diego Community Colleges
  • Associate of Science , Nursing , Weber State University
  • Bachelor of Nursing and Science, Nursing, Weber State University
  • Master of Nursing and Science, Nurse-midwife, University of Utah. Project: Water Immersion in Labor
  • Doctorate of Philosophy , Nursing, Georgia State University. Project: Influences of Maternal BMI on Induction of Labor


Jessica is a Utah native who supports midwifery and the normal birth process. Women are the healthiest when they are able to listen to their bodies and enage in their healthcare through shared decsion making. Jessica is an educator and Women's Health researcher. In her free time she enjoys cooking, gardening, and being outside. She loves living in Utah and playing in the surrounding mountians. She enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, and skiing. Jessica is married, with two grown sons, a grand baby and two labrador retreviers named Marley and Maddie.