keith lohse
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology Department
  • Assistant Professor, Health and Kinesiology
  • Adjunct, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training

Teaching Philosophy

As part of my research into meta-science and clinical trial methodology, I am also a very dedicated teacher. I have developed and taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Motor Learning, Motor Control, and Biostatistics. Whether the course content deals with research methods or motor neuroscience, I always try to incorporate lessons from evidence-based medicine and the history of science. I especially enjoy teaching courses in the area of research methods and biostatistics as these are courses that are accessible to all students. At the graduate level, it is critical that students learn to appreciate the tremendous difficulty in conducting scientific research: how to interpret different levels of evidence, how to design different types of studies, and the tools that scientists use to deal with uncertainty and conflicting pieces of data. At the undergraduate level, it is important to consider that fewer of these students will go on to conduct research themselves, but all of these students need to be intelligent consumers of research. Whether they go on to be PTs, OTs, dieticians, personal trainers, or even just need to make health decisions in their daily lives, all of these students need to learn the tools to critically evaluate evidence.