• Adjunct Professor, Family And Preventive Medicine

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Fall 2023

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    Project Res-MSPH

Summer 2023

Teaching Philosophy

When people ask me what I do for a living, one reponse would be "I'm a public health professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine".  Actually, what I really do for a living is "launch careers in public health".  One repsonsiblity I have is to teach the public health content, but when I teach, I have my hand on the pulse of what my students need to know (and do) to be successful in their career launch.  They also need to be aware and work on the characteristics needed 10 years post graduation.  I ask my students, "What is your five year plan?"  Once that is described, what will be the action steps that need to be taken this month, and 12 months from now so progress is being made on your five year plan?

To be succussful, a public health professional needs to take responsibility for the development of their expertise.  This will require life long learning.  Public health professionals must stay on the top of their too many lives are at stake.  The locus of control for life-long learning needs to be within.  Challenges, barriers, and pitfalls will always be there.... and those that are successful seem to be able to navigate their career development regardless.