Daniel Clifton portrait
  • Modern Dance Minor Advisor, School Of Dance
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), School Of Dance

Creative Research

  • Began choreography and music composition for "Crazy", A dance theater collaboration with Stephen Brown Dance and Satu Hummasti. To be performed June 2020. Choreography, in progress 12/2019.
  • Started working Terry Riley’s “Olson III” with the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble in December of 2019. It will be performed and recorded in 2020 Performance, in progress 12/2019.
  • Choreographed and created the sound score for: Art and rat use the same letters or Introverted-ness is technically not an A dance and music piece for 5 dancers presented at the Marriott Center for Dance. Choreography, completed 10/2019.
  • Choreography, music composition, and performance of Lost Love Socialite/Sweet Love Recluse. An evening length dance theater piece performed at the Sugar Space Arts Warehouse in Salt Lake City. Choreography, completed 05/2019.
  • Choreographed and Created the sound Score for Nacht und Träume. Presented at the Marriott Center for Dance. In Assistant Professor Lecturer Daniel Clifton’s new creation for PDC, he explores dreams as a starting point to generate material. “If dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep are they are a reflection of ourselves, or a window into our subconscious and a way of working through the details of our lives?” Choreography, completed 11/2018.
  • Began choreography and music composition for "Lost Love Socialite/Sweet Love Recluse" To be performed May 2019 Choreography, in progress 09/2018.
  • Music with Changing Parts Performance at Diabolical Records Performance, completed 06/03/2018.
  • Music With Changing Parts - Urban Lounge Salt Lake City HUM Launch Event Salt Lake Electric Ensemble, Strong Words, UTA Trax Performance, completed 06/02/2018.
  • Performed in/was a dancer in Utah Opera's Moby Dick Performance, completed 02/2018.
  • Began rehearsals for the Utah Opera's Production of Moby Dick. Performance, completed 12/26/2017.
  • Created new musical compositions as a member of Salt Lake Electric Ensemble for Ririe-Woodbury's Spring concert season. Commission, completed 10/2017.
  • Created and recorded the musical score for Satu Hummasti's Performing Dance Company piece "Market". Other, completed 10/2017.
  • Began initial research for "Lost Love Socialite/Sweet Love Recluse" with Associate Professor Satu Hummasti. The piece is to be performed in the Fall of 2018 and will contain dance, text and an original music score to be performed live by members of the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble. Choreography, in progress 09/2017.
  • Played Guitar, Computer, and did audio design on Salt Lake Electric Ensemble's studio recording of Philip Glass's Music with Changing Parts. To be released on Orange Mountain Music in February 2018. Other, completed 05/2017.
  • A choreography fo 13 dancers. Created and performed at University of Utah titled Somebody Drew a Cat. The choreography included the creation of a sound score. Choreography, completed 03/2015.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Germany