TANYA L. FLORES portrait
  • Assistant Professor, World Languages and Cultures


Research Summary

I study language variation. My research focuses on acoustic & accommodation analyses of socio-phonetic variation based on gender, class and age differences. I study speaker-audience interactions as a motivation for variation. My research investigates the interfaces of language and identity as construed by gender, class, and ethnicity. My dissertation was on assimilation in Chilean Spanish using digital media. Currently I am working on Japanese-Spanish bilingualism. I like variety!

Research Keywords

  • Sociophonetics, Interest Level: 5
  • Sociolinguistics, Interest Level: 5
  • Research Methods/Statistics, Interest Level: 4
  • Phonetics, Interest Level: 5
  • Laboratory Phonology, Interest Level: 5
  • Gender Issues, Interest Level: 5
  • Bilingualism & Biliteracy, Interest Level: 5