Christina E. Elmore, CNM, MSN, RN portrait
  • CNM Fellowship Coordinator, Con Nursing
  • Adjunct Clinical Attending, Obstetrics And Gynecology

Professional Organizations

  • American College of Nurse MIdwives. 01/01/2015 - present. Position : Member.

Practice History

Patient/Client Satisfaction

  • Me and my spouse are very satisfied with Christina Elmore as a midwife. We couldn't say the same about other midwives we have visited. She is very professional and has high social skills to understand, explain and show the concern. 7/4/2016 my husband and I look forward to our appointments with Christi. She always makes us feel comfortable and answers every question we have. 7/14/2016 Christina Elmore always spends quality time with me in my appointment and makes sure I am doing ok and that she has answered all my questions. I feel that she truly cares about me as her patient. 8/22/2016 I love Christi Elmore. She is a fantastic provider, very professional and personable. 9/16/2016 There is just so much to talk about with a first pregnancy! I walked away very happy with the experience, but then realized that there were still a few things I was confused about. Not the doctor's fault, but made me realize how much information I had to absorb. 02/10/2017.
  • 9/20/2016 Christi is always caring and helpful with any concerns or questions my husband and I have! 9/22/2016 Christi is absolutely the best! She is genuinely concerned with my health and well being. I can't ask for anything better. Takes her time with her patients to make sure she listens and gets to know you! 9/23/2016 Christi is always so wonderful. She is very personable, and professional. She genuinely seems concerned for me and my health, both physical and mental. She was able to explain and answer all of my questions in detail and put me at ease with my concerns. I highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking the care of a CNM. 10/18/2016 We love Christi Elmore! She always takes to to listen to our questions and concerns. 10/18/2016 Christina is a wonderful care provider. She is efficient and capable, but I never feel rushed. I feel she really connects with her patients on a personal level and makes us feel truly cared about and cared for. 11/26/2016. 02/10/2017.
  • Christi spent ample time with us during our transfer into midwifery care. We were thrilled, now understand the benefits of CNM care and are wondering why we didn’t switch sooner! She listened, explained, acknowledged, was personable, knowledgeable, calm and reassuring. 10/01/2013.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe education is a guided journey where individuals explore their personal strengths and opportunities for a deeper understanding in a supportive environment.