• Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Assistant Professor, Physics And Astronomy


Research Summary

Single molecule and ensemble assays of cytoskeletal networks and associated transport

Research Statement

My work is centered on understanding biological processes across many scales, from atomic and molecular scale up to the scale of living systems. More specifically, I am interested in quantitatively elucidating how molecular processes associated with cytoskeletal proteins give rise to related cellular structure and function. It is now possible to map out the cytoskeleton and associated proteins in a given cell with nanoscale precision via either electron microscopy or super-resolution fluorescence-based studies. However a top-down deconstruction of a cell is insufficient to understand the underlying interactions and overall dynamics. My lab has a vision of surmounting the key hurdle to further progress by experimentally modeling increasing level of complexity from the bottom up without sacrificing experimental control and precision.

Research Keywords

  • single molecule assays, Interest Level: 5
  • optical trapping, Interest Level: 5
  • Molecular Motors, Interest Level: 5
  • Cytoskeleton, Interest Level: 5

Research Equipment and Testing Expertise

  • Holographic and ordinary optical trapping. Custom setup. Contact: Michael Vershinin , 801-581-5803 , JFB 307.