Claudia Geist (she/her) portrait
  • Associate Professor, Gender Studies
  • Associate Professor, Gender Studies
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Obstetrics And Gynecology
  • Associate Professor, Sociology Department

Research Summary

My research lies at the intersection of inequality, family, and gender. My goal is to understand the theoretical connections between gendered family institutions, policy, and social and cultural context. Among other things, my research has focused on the domestic division of labor in comparative perspective, as well as the context and the gendered labor market consequences of marriage cross-nationally. In my most recent work, I examine contraception and attitudes about family planning.


  • PhD, Sociology, Indiana University


Claudia Geist is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Utah. She studies comparative social stratification, family, and gender. Her recent work has examined the gendered link between family status and internal migration, racial differences in young adults’ dating rituals, definitions of family, and housework in comparative perspective.  Her work has been published or is forthcoming at Demography, Gender & Society, Journal of Family Issues, and the European Sociological Review. Together with Brian Powell, Catherine Bolzendahl, and Lala Carr Steelman), she recently published COUNTED OUT: Same-Sex Relations and Americans' Definitions of Family (Russell Sage Foundation/ASA  Rose Series), which explores Americans’ attitudes towards what does and does not “count” as family.