• Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Economics Department

Research Summary

In my academic and professional research I have emphasized the social, historical, and policy implications of economic problems. My past research has covered labor economics and class relationships, public goods theory, financialization and its implications for income distribution, corporate governance, feminist economics, and racial inequity.


  • PhD, Economics, The New School for Social Research. Project: Intra-Industry Occupational Segregation: Measuring the Role of Race and Ethnicity in Occupational Hierarchies


My experience in economics bridges academic research, administration, and public policy. I have taught undergraduate economics at the City University of New York-Baruch College and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. I worked in student advising and academic administration at The New School for Social Research. In addition, I spent many years as a Policy Analyst and Senior Policy Analyst at Demos, a research and advocacy organization working on issues of political and economic inequality. At Demos, I authored original policy research and represented the organization to legislators, national media, and partners in academia, government, and public policy. My current research focuses on labor markets and the relationship between industrial environment and occupational segregation by race and ethnicity.