• Academic Advisor, Health-Kinesiology


  • Live Long and Prosper: Advisor Longevity and Community; Panel of 4 advisors and administrative staff speaking on how to build community and how community influences well-being and connection. Sponsored by Well-Being & Advisor Retention Advising Community at 2021 NACADA Conference. Presentation, Presented, 10/07/2021.
  • Wellness Champion presentations, ongoing. Aimed at improving wellbeing and resiliency of advising team in the Center for Student Success in the College of Health though check ins, challenges/competitions, and strategies focused on fostering positive change for individual and team health. Program facilitated by Resiliency Center for UofU Health Sciences. Presentation, Other, 08/01/2019.
  • Mission, Vision, Values workshop, co-facilitator, for Academic Advising Center at the University of Utah. Other, Presented, 11/01/2019.
  • KINES 2500 and UGS 1050 presentations - introduction to advisors, degree audits, majors, and how to get connected. Ongoing. Presentation, Other, 11/01/2018.