• Professor Emeritus, Sociology Department

Teaching Philosophy

To encourage understand and apply sociological concepts, theories and methods of research to the subject matter of the courses, whether it is the study of neighborhoods, cities, nations, or a commonplace human activity or institution, such as sports.  To provide students with fact based materials on these matters, and challenge them to delve beyond the commonplace assumptions that many of us make about human social behavior, including the behavior or organizations which humans have created and in which our lives are often embedded.  To provide resources and insights that equip students to critically examine their own lives and the lives of others while providing them the intellectual tools to do so.  To challenge students to practice communicating effectively, clearly, and accurately their own, educated understandings about social relations at different levels.

Courses I Teach

  • 3061 - Sociology of Sports
    Sports in American society through sociological understandings about the intersection of the social worlds of the athletes who participate, of fans, of administrators and owners in the organizations that control sports, of parents who encourage or discourage their children's participation. Race, class, gender, and ability/disability issues in sports.
  • 3111 - Social Research Methods
    How sociologists conceive and design ethical research projects, and the various methods we use to gather the data that constitute the basis of our research subsequent understandings about the ways in which social relations operate at many levels.
  • 3385 - Cities and Communities
    Sociological analysis and research on urban and community life.

Faculty Sponsor

Bachelor of University Studies in Fashion Analysis, for Katerina Fedorova-Bascom.