• Coordinator of Online Writing Instruction, Writing and Rhetoric Studies
  • Professor (Lecturer), Writing and Rhetoric Studies

Research Keywords

  • Writing in Disciplines
  • Writing for Multimedia
  • Visual Communication
  • Technical or Business Writing
  • Scientific Writing
  • Online Education


  • Reconsidering Research-based Practices in Online Writing Instruction: Modality, Community, and Linguistic Justice. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 02/17/2023.
  • Linguistic Diversity and Social Presence: A Qualitative Study of Online Peer Review Workshops. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 03/09/2022.
  • Reconsidering Common Spaces: Making the Case for Hybrid Writing Instruction. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 04/2021.
  • Peer Review and Learning Community in First-Year Writing. Co-presenter Jennifer M. Cunningham. Conference of the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 01/29/2021.

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • Cross-Institutional Study of Communities of Inquiry in Blended and Online Composition. PI: Natalie Stillman-Webb. Co-PI(s): Jennifer Cunningham, Lyra Hilliard, Mary Stewart. Conference on College Composition and Communication Emergent Researcher Award, 01/22/2018 - 03/01/2020. Total project budget to date: $10,000.00


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