Research Summary

Structural Biology & Biochemistry. My research explores how proteins work, how molecular interactions establish emergent properties of specificity, allostery, and catalysis. With x-ray crystallography I obtained structures for DNA enzymes with DNA, including the first structure of a single-stranded DNA-protein complex found at the telomere. With Cryo-EM I aim to build structures for membrane proteins. My expertise helps colleagues think about biological systems in terms of molecular mechanisms.


  • Bachelor of Science, BROWN UNIVERSITY
  • Doctor of Philosophy, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO


I am passionate about undergraduate research and education, especially how to teach critical thinking & communication in science. Research projects: (1) Crystal structures of the DNA repair enzyme Mut Y (2) Crystal structure of carotenoid-binding proteins complexed with photoprotective pigments. (3) Production of conopeptides in bacteria (4) Molecular interactions between conotoxins and signalling molecules of the nervous system (5) Nucleic acid-protein complexes protecting the ends of chromosomes.