Abe  Bakhsheshy
  • Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Professor and Director, School Of Business
  • Professor (Lecturer), Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Research Statement

Human resources management, Competitive advantages,health care quality,organizational ethics,leadership and team work.


  • Bakhsheshy, A., & Chesteen, Susan, & Grikscheit, Gary. (2007). “Ethical Dilemma: When Student Rights and Institutional Responsibilities Collide.”. Decision Sciences Institute. Practice - other, Published, 11/2007.
  • Bakhsheshy, A., & Susan Chesteen and Denise B. McClain. (2004). 'Directors of nursing in the long-term health care industry: Job dissatisfaction and turnover.'. (pp. 2201-2206). Decision Sciences Institute, Proceedings. Discipline based - other, Published, 2004.