• Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art/Art History Department

Creative Research

  • 94th Annual Spring Salon, Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah Exhibition, refereed, completed 04/25/2018.
  • Invited Artist PERMADEATH- PERMADEATH investigates virtual and real-life communities under the guise of a game exploring the social capital and exchanges of power that exist within these communities. Justin Watson invited 30 artists to create a society, along with an artifact that represents it, to examine the artist’s limitations within such an expansive question. PERMADEATH is a game. The game is inclusive and membership is free. PERMADEATH exists online and offline. The game has no beginning or end. Our offline/online one-on-one discussions become the medium of the game. The game itself is an ecosystem. This exhibition is a result of a larger game, one of social capital and exchange of power. This exhibition portrays artifacts from this game. Exhibition, refereed, completed 01/26/2018.
  • Language & Fragmentation Digital Montage The images selected for this exhibition explore non-linear personal narratives. Each individual piece carries a literal and an implied significance. They are pieces of my linear life. As they are remixed through the montage process, new structures of layered memory and meaning are created. I find these new relationships are a powerful way for me to understand myself and my relationship to life. Exhibition, refereed, completed 01/13/2018.
  • Snap To Grid, L.A. Center for Digital Art Exhibition, completed 12/08/2016.


  • Springville Museum of Art (2018). 94th Annual Spring Salon Catalog. Springville Museum of Art. Published, 04/25/2018.