Research Summary

Research interests include: symptom management in children with cancer, identifying symptoms in young children with cancer, cancer survivorship, and decreasing nursing student anxiety in pediatric clinical settings.


  • BS , Nursing, University of Utah
  • MS, Teaching Nursing, University of Utah. Project: "Late effects of childhood cancer: Creation of the Childhood Cancer Portfolio"
  • PhD, Nursing, University of Utah. Project: Physical Symptoms in Young Children with Cancer: Comparison of Electronic Versus Paper-and-Pencil Diaries


I have been a pediatric oncology nurse since graduating with my BS in Nursing in 2003. I then completed my MS in Teching Nursing and focused my research project on cancer survivorship issues among childhood cancer survivors. After the complettion of MS degree, I began teaching at the University of Utah College of Nursing. I have taught many courses ranging from pre-requisites to the MS program. While teaching pediatric clinical rotations, I also conducted research examining the fears and anxiety in nursing students at a pediatric hospital. I currently teach many of the Clinical Management courses, a childhood development course, a nursing education course, and I facilitiate many simulation experiences. I recently received my PhD in nursing focusing on the symptom experience in young children with cancer and hope to further explore this area of research.

Career Highlights

2003 - BS in Nursing; Minor in Middle Eastern Studies

2003  - Pediatric Oncology Nurse at Primary Children's Medical Center

2008 - MS in Teaching Nursing

2008 - Full-time Instructor at University of Utah (Clinical)

2019 - PhD in Nursing