• Associate Professor, Sociology Department


Research Summary

My research is focused on issues of race/class/gender/sexuality as they inform and are informed by societal institutions and reflected in cultural productions/expressions such as poetry, prose, and music lyrics. I am also interested in how these central issues are related to the construction of deviance/delinquency.

Research Statement

My research work is fundamentally focused on a matrix of domination in U.S. society along axes of race, class, gender, and sexuality among others, and informed by sociologists such as W.E.B. Du Bois, Howard Becker, Joe Feagin, Patricia Hill Collins, and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, as well as other scholars in related disciplines such as Gloria Anzalda, Angela Davis, Stuart Hall, Robin Kelley, James Scott, and others. My research, then, implies a standpoint of intersectionality from which to understand the social world, that is, one cannot separate out specific aspects of a human being's experiences-they are at once their race, class, gender, sexuality, age, religion, etc., and these axes of the matrix influence our thinking, behavior, and choices. These intersectional realities have implications for and are impacted by societal institutions from the media, to the schools, to the criminal justice system, to our system of government.  My research primarily focuses on the oppositional cultures or cultures of resistance developed by groups that experience inequity along various axes within the matrix of domination as embedded within societal institutions. Oppositional cultures can take the form of academic prose, music, and novels, as well as other forms of resistance.

Research Keywords

  • race, class, gender, and sexuality, Interest Level: 5
  • Deviant behavior/juvenile delinquency, Interest Level: 4
  • Culture, Interest Level: 5