• Librarian, Sustainability Office
  • Associate Librarian, Marriott Library

Research Statement


I am collecting narratives aobut library use to inform a project about how libraries transform lives.  The work in progrss is presented in this blog:

I am embedded in the Sustainabilty Office in order to work more directly with efforts to create sustainable change on campus. 

I am working on a research guide for the wicked problems of the Anthropocene.

I write book reviews in order to help promote reading. 

Areas of Library Specialty

  • Government Documents & Maps
  • Environmental & Sustainability Studies
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Library Assessment


Research Keywords

  • New Media Studies
  • Library Reference Services
  • Information Visualization
  • Information Litearcy
  • Government information
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Digital Libraries


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Geographical Regions of Interest

  • United States of America
    I'm interested in regional writing about Utah and the western United States, and more broadly in library collections as a "story" about the communities they serve.


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