• Adjunct Assistant Professor, College Of Nursing
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

Current Courses

Fall 2021

  • NUIP 6900-010
    Directed Nutr Research
  • NUIP 6930-001
    Supervised Practice
  • NUIP 6940-001

Summer 2021

Spring 2021

Practice History

  • University Hospital Nutrition Care Service, Clinical Dietitian. 1987-1999. Worked with a wide variety of patient types, including; Cystic Fibrosis, HIV, Newborn Intensive Care, Cardiovascular Genetics. 12/31/1999 - present .
  • Southeastern Utah District Health Department; WIC Program; Nutritionist 1985-1987. 01/1985 - present .

Teaching Philosophy

"We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction." -- Malcom Gladwell

Courses I Teach

  • NUTR 6360 - Medical Nutrition Therapy I
    Nutrition therapy in the treatment of disease. Includes; diabetes, CVD,Obesity and lifecycle issues
  • NUTR 6380 - Medical Nutrition Therapy II
    Medical Nutrition Therapy in Critical Care. Includes Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, Diet and Cancer, Renal, Hepatic, Trauma and Critical Care.
  • NUTR 6930 - Supervised Practice Experience
    Supervised practice experience in the health care setting. Includes; Acute Care, Community and Food Service Management experiences.