• Professor Emeritus, Linguistics
  • Professor Emeritus, Philosophy

Research Statement

My current research is focused on philosophy of language and linguistics, with special attention to the theoretical foundations of linguistic research as laid out by Noam Chomsky.  I just finished a paper arguing that the bio-linguistic approach to semantics as specified by in Chomskyan linguistics cannot address the central questions of meaning: viz., assertoric content and reference.  If correct, this entails that the concept of language as a social phenomenon must be given a central place into language as the object of linguistic inquiry.

Research Keywords

  • Wittgenstein
  • Theoretical Linguistics
  • Semantics
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Metaphysics


  • Neither love nor money: What could save the environment? Conference Paper, Presented, 05/22/2017.
  • "Is there room for semantics in bio-linguistics?", 6th Annual International Philosophy Conference. Conference Paper, Presented, 05/30/2011.
  • "Why there is 'no such thing as language': Chomsky's Mistake", 5th International Conference on Philosophy in Athens. Conference Paper, presented, 06/03/2009. Conference Paper, Presented, 06/2010.
  • "How to avoid relativism: what forms the bedrock on which we turn our spades?", 4th International Conference on Philosophy in Athens. Conference Paper, Presented, 06/03/2009.
  • "Realism without Empiricism", XXII World Congress of Philosophy, Seoul Korea, 2008. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 08/2008.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Collaborative research projects; member of British Wittgensteinian Society.
  • Greece
    President, Philosophy Division, ATINER, Athens Greece; edit reviewed proceedings for annual philosophy conference.


  • The Unity of Linguistic Meaning The Philosophical Quarterly first published online December 10, 2014 doi:10.1093/pq/pqu091 . Published, 12/10/2014.
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