Curriculum Vitae

  • Professor, Philosophy
  • Professor, Linguistics


Research Statement

My current research is focused on philosophy of language and linguistics, with special attention to the theoretical foundations of linguistic research as laid out by Noam Chomsky.  I just finished a paper arguing that the bio-linguistic approach to semantics as specified by in Chomskyan linguistics cannot address the central questions of meaning: viz., assertoric content and reference.  If correct, this entails that the concept of language as a social phenomenon must be given a central place into language as the object of linguistic inquiry.

Research Keywords

  • Wittgenstein, Interest Level: 5
  • Theoretical Linguistics, Interest Level: 4
  • Semantics, Interest Level: 4
  • Philosophy of Mind, Interest Level: 4
  • Philosophy of Language, Interest Level: 5
  • Metaphysics, Interest Level: 4