Curriculum Vitae

ALAN R ROGERS portrait
  • Adjunct Professor, Biology
  • Professor, Anthropology Department


Research Summary

Human evolutionary genetics. I develop statistical methods that use genetic data to study the history of populations.

Research Statement

All of my research involves evolution, but there are two distinct threads. The first of these (in human evolutionary genetics) involves using genetic data to learn about human evolutionary history. The second (in human evolutionary ecology) involves building models in order to test hypotheses about adaptive evolution.

Research Keywords

  • Human Population Genetics, Interest Level: 5
  • Evolutionary Ecology, Interest Level: 4
  • Evolution, Interest Level: 5

Software Titles

  • Lego. A computer package that uses genetic data to estimate the deep history of population size, subdivision, and admixture. Release Date: 03/09/2017. Inventors: Alan Rogers. Distribution List: Available free of charge at
  • PopHist. PopHist is a computer package that estimates the recent history of population size from genetic data. Release Date: 08/2014. Inventors: Alan R. Rogers. Distribution List: