• Associate Professor, Communication
  • Associate Professor, Communication

Research Statement

Research interests and focus:

As an individiual from an underrepresented group, health communications researcher and individual who has witnessed family members die or suffer from cancer and other health disparities, I feel it is my purpose and moral obligation to address these issues.  I also believe that it is my calling to take my experiences, expertise as a scholar and relationships with community, medical and research partners to act experimentally and spur change through innovative and engaged research. Finding cures to cancer, treating patients for illness, or explaining why getting screened for cancer are critical to the patient’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, gaps occur in the communication pathway to clearly inform, educate, or persuade an individual or the masses about pertinent health issues that impede positive health outcome.  Addressing health communication inequity and inequality on multiple societal levels requires not only the expertise of the researcher but also the community for which holds the answer to fighting insidious diseases and health issues.  The following areas below are the overarching foci for the transdisciplinary research that I conduct.

Public Health Cancer Communication: In the research I conduct, I aim to continue a research stream and trajectory that reduces cancer health disparities among underserved and underrepresented populations. Through this type of scholarship, identification, and examination of efficacious and effective communication factors on multiple levels and platforms is possible.  These include primary care communication (doctor/patient communication), public health communication (social marketing, health literacy, cultural literacy, cross-cultural health care communication, health education, health promotion through technology and social networks), cultural competency, and social and behavioral psychology. It has been my goal to continue novel research that informs health communication research for the greater good of society and one that pushes communication to the core of primary care and public health.

Cultural Factors:  I currently manage or am Co-Investigator on engagement and/or research and education grants that investigate the impact of societal factors (e.g., SDoH), spirituality, religion, race and cultural norms among African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos. These factors are important and central to the patient’s worldview and can significantly impede or facilitate health outcome.

Psychological and Sociological Factors:  The impact that psycho-socio factors have on certain segments of the population may have deleterious or positive effects.  These factors often positively or negatively correlate with the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) that can span from built environment to health literacy and educational attainment.   Other psycho-socio factors include self-efficacy, perceptions, opinions, and beliefs that individuals from underrepresented groups have about health behavior and health outcome.  It is the astute health communications professional and scholar that investigates not only the direct paths of health communication and the psychological and sociological factors that influence those processes but also the variables that may mediate or hinder this relationship indirectly.

Community-based Participatory Research: I follow a research approach that is grounded in CBPR or community-based participatory research and principles that allow me to conduct transdisciplinary research that involves multiple communities (researchers, academics, medical personnel, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations). This type of methodology also allows me to triangulate data through both qualitative and quantitative methods to best answer the research questions posed by all communities collectively.


Research Keywords

  • Black Americans, Cancer Communication, Implementation Science, Health Disparities, Health Equity


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