Current Courses

Fall 2023

  • MUSC 447-001
    Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSC 547-001
    Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSC 1912-001
    Lsns I Non Maj Jazz
  • MUSC 1942-001
    Lsns I Maj 1 Jazz
  • MUSC 1992-001
    Lsns I Maj 3 Jazz
  • MUSC 2912-001
    Lsns II Non Maj Jazz
  • MUSC 2942-001
    Lsns II Maj 1 Guitar
  • MUSC 2992-001
    Lsns II Maj 3 Jazz
  • MUSC 3350-001
    Jazz Improv I
  • MUSC 3912-001
    Lsns III Non Maj Jazz
  • MUSC 3942-001
    Lsns III Maj 1 Jazz
  • MUSC 3992-001
    Lsns III Maj 3 Jazz
  • MUSC 4470-001
    Jazz Ensemble
    Location: DGH 272 (DGH 272)
  • MUSC 4475-002
    Jazz Combos
  • MUSC 4912-001
    Lsns IV Non Maj Jazz
  • MUSC 4942-001
    Lsns IV Maj 1 Jazz
  • MUSC 4992-001
    Lsns IV Maj 3 Jazz
  • MUSC 6170-006
    Adv Lessons Nondegree
  • MUSC 6180-006
    Adv Lessons Major 1
  • MUSC 6181-006
    Secondary Lessons Maj I
  • MUSC 6470-001
    Jazz Ensemble Masters
  • MUSC 7470-001
    Jazz Ensemble Doc

Spring 2023

Professional Organizations

  • Utah Music Educators Association. 08/01/2022 - present. Position : Member/Presenter.
  • International Association of Schools of Jazz. 07/01/2022 - present. Position : Member.
  • Texas Music Educators Association. 07/01/2019 - 05/01/2022. Position : Member/Presenter/Clinician.
  • Jazz Education Network. 01/01/2019 - present. Position : Member/Annual Presenter.

Teaching Philosophy

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Students graduating from the University of Utah programs must be fully equipped to enter a competitive, diverse, and technology-filled global marketplace in which the definition of success is constantly changing. Music students must develop the practical skills, character, mentality, and professional networks necessary to succeed along a challenging but rewarding and meaningful career path. These objectives may be achieved by sustaining a musical community at the university in which students, educators, administrators, and guest artists collaborate to create a culture that values and supports inclusivity, diversity, equity, one-on-one mentorship, personal and professional accountability, artistic exploration, innovation, and the highest standards of musical excellence.

Students should be instilled with the values of professionalism, truth-seeking, creativity, empathy, dignity, tolerance, integrity, communication, citizenship, community, perseverance, and responsibility that will empower them to be forces for positive change in the world. Effective educators teach and lead by example, modeling these values for their students both on and off campus. One way I strive to accomplish this is by having my students fill out guided questionnaires each semester. This practice allows us to map out individualized achievement and growth targets based on each student’s professional and personal needs, aspirations, and abilities. I encourage students to set ambitious goals and standards for themselves, to move toward academic and musical challenges, and to take on as much responsibility as they can in the pursuit of meaningful goals for themselves and their communities.

From an institutional perspective, student success means healthy recruitment, a diverse student/faculty body, and retention and graduation rates at or near 100%. Successful students complete their degrees on time in excellent academic standing with support and encouragement from faculty, administrators, and fellow students. Another sign of success is when students exhibit habits of lifelong learning as they pursue intellectual and musical growth after graduation, including attaining higher academic degrees. Success means that alumni are of the highest caliber and their achievements as professional musicians help sustain the school’s reputation, with graduating students become widely recognized for their artistry and professionalism as they earn awards and honors while producing artistic, intellectual, and cultural contributions regionally, nationally, and internationally. The accomplishments of individual students and of the university’s community will sustain the momentum which will continue to carry the school forward to further prominence and distinction.