ELIYA COHEN portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Philosophy
  • Assistant Professor, Division Of Games

Research Keywords

  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Games
  • Philosophical Logic
  • Metaphysics
  • Hellenistic Physics


  • Comments on Stephanie Patridge and Shelby Moser’s, Centering So- ciality: Playing Games Together Pacific American Society for Aesthetics. Conference Paper, Accepted, 01/09/2024.
  • Moral Kombat: Videogame Ethics and Argumentation, Game Developers Conference. Conference Paper, Accepted, 11/28/2023.
  • Necessitism and Abduction: Implications for Grounding and Grain, Pacific APA. Conference Paper, Accepted, 09/26/2023.
  • Comments on Sam Bennett’s, The Practice of Aesthetic Autonomy, Pacific ASA. Conference Paper, Presented, 03/11/2023.