• Assistant Professor, Health and Kinesiology

Current Courses

Fall 2024

  • KINES 3550-001
    Motor Behavior
    Location: M LI 1130 (M LI 1130)
  • KINES 4921-007
    Peer Tutoring
  • KINES 4999-012
    Honors Thesis/Project
  • KINES 5830-009
    Journal Readings
  • KINES 6910-009
    Masters Internship
  • KINES 7830-008
    Journal Readings
  • KINES 7930-007
    Doctoral Internship
  • KINES 7954-009
    Prac. Eff. Tch. Doc.

Summer 2024

Spring 2024

Courses I Teach

  • KINES 3551 - Human Motor Development Across the Lifespan
    A common theme among kinesiology sub-disciplines is human movement. Understanding lifelong human development as it relates to the motor, affective and cognitive domains is critical for kinesiology professionals. A major goal of the course will be to understand developmental appropriateness of human movement.
  • KINES 7820 - Issues in Cognitive and Motor Neuroscience
    Seminal and current research topics in cognitive and motor neuroscience are presented in a seminar setting.