Research Summary

Dr. Depner investigates how insufficient sleep and circadian disruption contribute to risk of metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes, with the long-term goal of developing sleep and circadian based interventions that improve metabolic health.


  • PhD, Human Nutrition, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Sleep and Circadian Physiology, University of Colorado Boulder


Dr. Depner completed his PhD in Human Nutrition at Oregon State University followed by Postdoctoral work in sleep and circadian physiology under the guidance of Dr. Kenneth Wright at the University of Colorado Boulder. While in these positions Dr. Depner developed expertise in nutritional biochemistry, metabolomics, and human clinical translational sleep and circadian studies. Dr. Depner's research program integrates his background and training to conduct rigorous human clinical translational sleep and circadian protocols to undertand how the interactions between sleep and circadian physiology and nutrition contribute to metabolic health.