David De Micheli portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Political Science Department
  • Affiliated Faculty, Center for Latin American Studies


  • De Micheli, David & Whitney Taylor (2022). Public Trust in Latin America’s Courts: Do Institutions Matter?. Government and Opposition. Accepted, 01/2022.
  • De Micheli, David & Kenneth Roberts, Jose Sanchez Gomez (2021). Tenuous Pacts and Multiparty Coalitions: The Politics of Presidential Impeachment in Latin America. Journal of Latin American Studies. Accepted, 11/2021.
  • Junge, Benjamin & Sean Mitchell, Charles Klein, David De Micheli (2021). What Happened to the ‘New Middle Class’? The 2016 BORP (Brazil’s Once-Rising Poor) Survey. Latin American Research Review. Accepted, 09/2021.
  • De Micheli, David (2021). Racial Reclassification and Political Identity Formation. World Politics. Vol. 73(1), 1-51. Published, 01/21/2021.
  • De Micheli, David (2018). The Racialized Effects of Social Programs in Brazil. Latin American Politics and Society. Vol. 60(1). Published, 02/2018.

Research Statement

My research revolves around substantive interests in identity, inequality, and citizenship, with a regional focus on Latin America. Broadly, I am interested in the processes of identity politicization, the causes and consequences of inequality, and how these shape the quality and exercise of citizenship. In my published an on-going research, I rely on quantitative and qualitative methods to make theoretical and empirical contributions to these areas of study.

Research Keywords

  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Identity Politics
  • Inequality
  • Citizenship
  • Brazil
  • Latin America


  • Education, Group Consciousness, and Vote Choice in Brazil’s 2018 Election, APSA. Conference Paper, Accepted, 03/07/2022.
  • Corruption Scandals and Judicial Trust: Evidence from Brazil, LASA. Conference Paper, Accepted, 12/2021.
  • Bolsonaro and "the Black Vote": Lessons from Brazil's 2018 Election, LASA. Conference Paper, Accepted, 12/2021.
  • Bolsonaro and "the Black Vote": Lessons from Brazil's 2018 Election, BRASA. Conference Paper, Accepted, 12/2021.
  • Public Trust in Latin America’s Courts: Do Institutions Matter?, APSA. Conference Paper, Presented, 09/2021.
  • Changes in Black Politics in Latin America, Charlemos series, LASA. Panel, Presented, 07/2021.
  • David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University. Presentation, Other, 04/06/2021.
  • Latin American Studies Program, Cornell University. Presentation, Presented, 10/19/2020.
  • American Political Science Association. Conference Paper, Presented, 09/09/2020.


  • Portuguese, fluent.
  • Spanish, functional.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Brazil
  • Latin America and the Caribbean