Anton Franz-Josef Wroblewski portrait
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Geology & Geophysics


  • MS, Geology, University of Wyoming. Project: Non-mammalian paleontology of the Lancian-Puercan Ferris Formation, western Hanna Basin
  • PhD, Geology, University of Wyoming. Project: Stratigraphy, sedimentology, sandstone body architecture, and ichnology of the Ferris and Hanna formations, Hanna Basin area.

Research Summary

I am working on several projects, but I am not taking on students because I am in an adjunct position and have no funding available and cannot supervise student projects. I am a clastic sedimentologist and stratigrapher with an interest in ichnology, vertebrate paleontology, and paleoecology. I work in fluvial and shallow marine deposits worldwide in core, outcrop, seismic, and well log, in addition to studying modern clastic and carbonate environments.


Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1973, raised in NY, NJ, CA, and WY, I always enjoyed looking under rocks to see what sorts of wiggly creatures were to be found underneath. Somehow, I managed to make a career out of that. I've taught undergrad earth science classes in Chicago, worked in the research and technology group of an oil company in Houston, and now pursue my own avenues of research as an independent researcher and hired consultant.