Research Statement

My primary research focuses on the chemistry of Earth and planetary interiors with a particular emphasis on the role of magma and magma generation process on the differentiation and chemical evolution of terrestrial planets. I use experimental devices such as piston cylinder and one atmosphere furncaces for simulating high pressure-temperature conditions relevant for planetary interiors and various analytical techniques (EMPA, SEM, LA-ICP-MS, FTIR, TIMS) to characterize synthesized and natural samples. Because one limiting aspect of solid-media apparatus is that all experiments are performed in closed-systems, I also use innovative experimental strategies to investigate new topics: simulation of magma circulation, magma-rock interaction or melt segregation, and I use thermodynamic modelling to extrapolate my  data  and/or as support for semi-empirical models.

Research Keywords

  • Thermodynamics
  • Mantle heterogeneity
  • Magma transport
  • Magma genesis
  • Igneous petrology
  • Geochemistry

Research Groups

  • Otto Lang, Graduate Student. Geology and Geophysics. 06/01/2019 - present. Awards/Scholarships/Stipends: Graduate Fellowship Fall 2019.
  • Will Haddick, Undergraduate Student. Geology and Geophysics. 08/13/2018 - present. Awards/Scholarships/Stipends: UROP Scholar 2018-2019.



  • English, fluent.
  • French, fluent.

Student Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Students interested in proposing new UROP projects to start in spring 2020 should contact me not later than October 1st 2019.



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