• Research Assistant Professor, Pharmacotherapy

Research Interests

Patient Education: I am passionate about improving patient education and developing patient education materials based on established learning theories and effective learning strategies. I am currently working on creating a guideline for developing high-quality patient education materials using user-based design instead of expert opinion. I welcome future collaborations in developing patient education materials in disease states outside of anticoagulation.

Anticoagulation Management and Improvement: I have been involved in several studies aimed at evaluating and improving care for patients on anticoagulants. The largest of which looked at management of non-bleeding warfarin patients with supratherapeutic INRS at or above 10. I have also looked at DOAC management, screening and improving emotional harm for patients with venous thromboembolism, and the use of ICD codes and Natural Language Processing to identify bleeding and thromboembolic events. Future directions include better understanding the role of vitamin K in warfarin management.

Interprofessional Education: I was highly involved in interprofessional education curriculum at the University of Colorado and have been involved in facilitation here at the University. I’m interested in seeing how we can increase the overlap between pharmacy, medical, and nursing education to create better collaborations between health professionals in the field.

Shared Decision Making and Decision Aids: SDM improves patient satisfaction and empowers patients in their health. I am part of a large RCT studying the differences between Encounter and Patient Decision aids on stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. I developed a clinician training and FAQ for clinicians participating in the study. I’m interested in exploring other areas that decision aids would be beneficial for patients and providers to improve health care.