Yong Lin Kong portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Research Statement

Our group focuses on the development of novel advanced manufacturing technologies to create unique functional, interwoven architectures and devices that cannot be created with conventional fabrication methods. We seek to advance the scientific understanding that enables the assembling and processing of functional nanomaterials as well as the seamless integration of diverse classes of materials.  We develop a multi-scale, multi-material additive manufacturing approach that is fundamentally free from the constraint of the conventional two-dimensional, top-down fabrication methodologies. The abilities to create freeform multi-scale functional architectures and devices could overcome the geometrical, mechanical and material dichotomies between conventional manufacturing technologies and a broad range of three-dimensional systems. Ultimately, we strive to address unmet clinical needs by creating tailorable three-dimensional free-form biomedical devices with our advanced manufacturing technologies. 

Research Keywords

  • 3D printed electronics
  • 3D Printing
  • additive manufacturing
  • functional device printing
  • bioprinting
  • ingestible electronics
  • Biomedical Engineering

Research Equipment and Testing Expertise

  • Multi-scale, multi-materials extusion-based 3D printer. Contact: yong.kong@utah.edu .