Ann L. Butt, Ed.D, RN, CHSE portrait
  • Associate Professor (Clinical), College Of Nursing


  • BA, Health Education/Biology, Concordia College
  • BSN, Nursing, Creighton University
  • MS, Nursing Education, Idaho State University
  • EdD, Curriculum & Instruction, Boise State University. Project: Exploring the usability of game-based virtual reality for development of procedural skills in undergraduate nursing students


My experience in nursing spans thirty five years, with most of them spent in adult critical care providing direct patient care. As clinical faculty and simulation educator at the University of Utah, one of my goals has been to more intentionally integrate deliberate practice for mastery learning into the College of Nursing undergraduate curriculum. The Simulation Center within the College of Nursing is a great place for students to master not only critical procedural skills necessary in a profession such as nursing, but also develop and try out clinical judgment--and I'm passionate about teaching with simulation!

I have been teaching with simulation for over a decade and earned certification as a Healthcare Simulation Educator through the international Society of Simulation in Healthcare. My goal is to support learners as they figure things out for themselves; as full-time faculty in the CON Simulation Center, I facilitate experiential--and fun--learning daily. I'm honored to be a Fellow in the University of Utah Academy of Health Science Educators. With research interest in using technology for learning, I've collaborated with the Entertainment Arts & Engineering program at the University of Utah to develop ways to use virtual reality (students put on a headset and provide nursing care in the patient's room) as an innovative tool to practice critical skills so nursing students are ready to provide safe, high-quality patient care. Outside of work, you'll likely find me hiking or traveling with my husband, visiting our grown children, reading--or training Gracie.

Wherever I am, you'll find Gracie, the official College of Nursing Therapy Dog--in class, in the simulation lab, out in the courtyard getting some exercise, or lately, on zoom for class or meetings. Gracie is a Portuguese Water Dog and her job is to come to work with me to provide "therapy" to students, staff and faculty within the CoN. She can change the mood or instantly light up a room with her goofy personality and boundless energy. When not at the CON, you may find Gracie hiking with her humans, chasing balls or sticks or eating whatever she can get her mouth on!