Henry Becker portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Art/Art History Department

Creative Research

  • (de)Polarizing a Politicized Polis is an Interactive space where designers can submit posters that tell their thoughts on tough Political debates. This Project is currently a work in progress between myself and a professor from BYU, Doug Thomas. We have submitted a proposal at the Art Center to do a Summer Residency to complete this project over the summer. Competition, in progress 12/01/2017.
  • Umma Mass Game: Motherly Love for North Korea, was an exhibition at the Ethan Cohen Gallery in Chelsea NY. The Exhibition needed to be branded and needed an exhibition catalog. This catalog was 150 pages and had 500 copies that were printed and given to donors and sold at the gallery. This opened a connection with myself and the gallery and I will continue to do work with them in the future. Commission, completed 09/10/2017.
  • Interchangeable poster systems: Doug Thomas, a Professor at BYU, and myself continue to create interchangeable posters as part of our research. We have over a dozen examples of these experiments which has lead us to more progressive teaching methods. We did this research as a way to explore new Technology at BYU and the U in such equipment like the Risograph, so find a project that would teach students design principles while still learning printing methods. Other, in progress 08/01/2017.
  • Living Bridge Banner Project was an open call competition for Chinese Culture Center to install a design on the bridge to their open gallery space. Emma Zhang and myself had the winning design which was installed during an open Gala show where we were the special guests. This award also came with a prize. The design included 16 different illustrations that still sit on the bridge to the Chinese Culture Center in San Fransisco. Competition, completed 07/15/2017.
  • Unexpected Rhetoric was an exhibition shown at the Gittens Gallery which featured work from the University of Utah. The exhibition design was done by myself and the work shown there was about the rhetoric of both the DNC and RNC parties during the election. Overall the show was a huge success with over 200 people showing up to the opening. Exhibition, completed 02/01/2017.
  • Speculative War Training Device, a design project where I had taken the readings from Speculative Everything and put them into practice. Teaching myself about how to cast molds and how to use design as a means for social critique. Other, in progress 12/01/2016.
  • Wrote and published an essay on being being decisive called "Be Decisive". The article was posted on medium online and talks about the intersection of being a designer that comes from the military. This a tool that I use when I talk to my students, informing them that they need to make decisions rather then trying to find the perfect answer sometimes. Literary Arts, completed 10/01/2016.
  • Wrote and published an essay on being being critical called "Be Critical". The article was posted on medium online and talks about the intersection of being a designer that comes from the military. It is a key staple in my philosophy in the classroom. Literary Arts, completed 09/01/2016.