• Adjunct Assistant Professor, Theatre Department
  • Adjunct Instructor , Gender Studies

Research Statement

My research is focused on three main areas: maternal subjectivity in drama, movement theory and directing approaches.  As a scholar with a ten-year directing record, I am pragmatic about all my research interests and endeavor to make sure that they support my practice of theatre making.  For example, looking at maternal subjectivity has fueled my feminist-driven desires to give a theatrical voice to those marginalized and therefore has affected my play selection and directing approaches.  Theatre’s enormous capacity to tell the untold stories drives me to pursue scholarship about the varied histories of subjects as well as the history of performance itself in order to direct actors toward revelatory performances.  Maternity in particular involves a shifting of subjectivity that provides a model for how actors must move within the characters they adopt.  In addition, while my early theatre training has steeped me in more psychological theories of acting, I find movement is often a more productive catalyst in the rehearsal space and so delving into the work of theorists such as Bogart, Laban and Chekhov helps to create more options for me as a director.

Creative Research

  • I wrote and directed a play originally titled, "The Lynchpin Life," which is now just called "Lynchpin" about the life of Ida B. Wells. It was performed initially for a history of journalism course in Communications and has since received a performance at the Edward Lewis Festival and is slotted to continue performances in classes in the fall, 2019. Commission, in progress 10/29/2018.
  • “The Hardest Thing” (role: Mary) by Taran Hayes at the Mid-America Theatre Conference, Playwriting Symposium, 2017. Performance, completed 03/15/2017.
  • “A Girl Walks into a Bar” (role: Jan) by Mary Clohan at the Mid-America Theatre Conference, Playwriting Symposium, 2017. Performance, completed 03/15/2017.
  • Directed "Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England" by Madeleine George at Ottawa University in February, 2016. Performance, completed 02/21/2016.


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  • "Offering New Scripts to Combat Rape Culture Apathy". Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 08/04/2018.
  • "The Revolt of Mothering". Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 08/03/2018.
  • "The Tailspin of the Lecture--And Perhaps a Way to Pull Out". Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 03/17/2018.
  • "Consumed Vessels: A History of Pregnancy on Stage". Other, Presented, 03/17/2018.
  • We’ve Had a Virtual Problem Here-- A paper on the challenges one faces teaching theatre online. Conference Paper, Accepted, 03/17/2017.
  • “The Architecture of the Moment: Movement and Eliciting Silent Connection,” Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) Conference; Aug.,2016. Presentation, Presented, 08/06/2016.
  • “The Tricky Business of Gestational Conventions,” Women and Theatre Program (WTP) pre-conference; August, 2016. Conference Paper, Presented, 08/05/2016.
  • Directed a production of a play entitled, “Eat,” by Tabita Cercea as a part of the Mid-America Theatre Conference Playwriting Symposium, 2016. Other, Presented, 03/11/2016.


  • Spanish, basic.


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