Jennifer Weidhaas

Jennifer Weidhaas portrait
  • Associate Professor, Civil And Environmental Engin


Research Summary

Environmental engineering, environmental microbiology, microbial source tracking, biological treatment, pathogens and risk

Research Statement

Dr. Weidhaas’ research and teaching interests include environmental engineering with a particular emphasis on biological processes and the fate and transport of contaminants and microorganisms in the environment. Her recent projects include evaluation of emerging contaminants in environmental systems, chemical spills impacting water resources and bioremediation of hazardous materials. She also conducts research in the area of environmental microbiology including microbial source tracking, development of massively parallel pathogen detection methods, and evaluation of microorganism fate in environmental systems.

Research Keywords

  • Water Quality, Interest Level: 5
  • Water Pollution, Interest Level: 5
  • Waste Water Treatment, Interest Level: 5
  • Sanitary Engineering, Environmental, Interest Level: 4
  • Microbial Source Tracking, Interest Level: 5
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal or Clean-Up, Interest Level: 4
  • Environmental Microbiology, Interest Level: 5
  • Environmental Engineering, Interest Level: 5
  • Chemical spill prevention and response, Interest Level: 3
  • Bioremediation, Interest Level: 4