Marie Jackson, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Research Associate Professor, Geology & Geophysics


  • Bachelor of Science, Earth Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Doctorat d'Université , Géologie Structurale et Tectonophysique, Université de Nantes, France. Project: Structures des filons dans les massifs de péridotite
  • Ph. D., Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University. Project: Deformation of host rocks during growth of igneous domes, southern Henry Mountains, Utah

Research Summary

My collaborative investigations in pyroclastic volcanism, mineralogy, materials and archaeological science are breaking new ground in understanding how reactive glass produces specialty properties in Roman concretes. We are applying Roman methods to production of environmentally-sustainable, glass-based concretes. Studies of basalt drill cores from Surtsey volcano, Iceland, describe glass alteration and material properties of young subaerial, submarine and seafloor tephra and tuff deposits.

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