David P. Carter

Curriculum Vitae

David P. Carter portrait
  • Assistant Professor, Political Science Department


Research Summary

David's research focuses on policy design and organizational diversity in the administration of regulatory policies and programs.

Research Statement

David’s research is situated at the intersection of public policy, public administration and management, and organization theories. He applies a variety of methodological approaches from directed qualitative content analysis to quantitative multilevel modeling.

Understanding policy design through institutional analysis.  With several collaborators David has worked on the development of procedures for extracting, dissecting, and analyzing the policy designs that are written into policy documents, drawing conceptual and methodological inspiration from the institutional analysis and development (IAD) framework.  The results of these efforts have been published in the Journal of Theoretical Politics, Public Administration, Urban Affairs Review, the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, and Policy Sciences.  Links to the articles can be found on David’s Publications page.

Organic food regulation in the United States.  For the past several years David has engaged in a research project examining the design and administration of U.S. organic food regulations under the USDA’s National Organic Program.  This research includes examination of the Program’s third-party design, differences in the characteristics and practices of the independent organic certification agents charged with regulatory administration, and the perceptions and attitudes of organic certification inspectors.  A detailed description of this research can be found at the project webpage hosted by the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs, and related academic publications can be found on David’s Publication page.