• Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Political Science Department

Current Courses

Summer 2024

  • PADMN 6380-001
    Pub. Budget & Fin
    Location: GC 4020 (GC 4020)

Spring 2024

Courses I Teach

  • PADMN 6340-025 - Organizational Leadership and Change
    The course covers how to achieve organizational goals, implement planned changes, and understand the impact of those changes on the organization's members. It also covers organizational culture, training, teamwork, development, equity, leadership, creativity, and problem-solving. The course will cover the basics of organization development and transformation, change strategies, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The focus will be on change as a process of organizational learning, adaptation to a changing environment, and a response to external pressures.
  • PADMN 6360-001 - Public Human Resource Management
    The course focuses on the principles of planning, directing, and controlling people functions in an organization. Emphasis is on the effective implementation of a comprehensive human resources program, including the recruitment, development, evaluation, and motivation of employees. The curriculum is designed to provide a basic understanding as well as appreciation of the importance of human resource management in today’s competitive business environment, as well as the HR information students will need to be effective managers in either a large or small company setting. Prominence is devoted to the human resource management activities and decisions facing managers throughout the organization as well as the duties and responsibilities of human resource professionals. The course will also examine the impact of human resource management practices and decisions on both organizational and individual performance.