• Assistant Professor, Sociology Department

Research Summary

My core research interests revolve around the politics of class formation, spanning the areas of labor/labor movements, political sociology, social movements, the political economy of globalization and development, race/ethnicity, immigration, and sociology of law. My work centers on five overlapping themes: 1) the precarious working class; 2) politics of community and resistance in South Africa; 3) migration, labor, and collective action; 4) marketization and public opinion; 5) stratification.


  • PhD, Sociology, University of California-Berkeley. Project: Precarious Politics: Working Class Insecurity and Struggles for Recognition in the United States and South Africa, 1994-2010


Marcel Paret is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Utah, and a Senior Research Associate with the South African Research Chair in Social Change at the University of Johannesburg. His research examines the politics of class formation and how they vary over time and across space. He is especially interested in globalization and marketization, race and migration, labor and social movements, protest and community politics, and the causes and consequences of precarity.