• Academic Advisor, English
(801) 581-5265


  • B.A., History, Saginaw Valley State University
  • M.A., History, Western Michigan University


With nearly a decade of experience at the flagship campuses of Indiana University and the University of Colorado, Shawn is a committed academic advising professional who strives to develop the full human potential of his students in their academic, professional, and personal lives.  Originally from Arenac County, Michigan, Shawn has slowly worked his way westward across the Great Plains and the Continental Divide to Salt Lake.   He is very excited to be part of the University of Utah Department of English, and is also enjoying the easy access to hiking trails along the Wasatch Front.

Shawn received an M.A. in History from Western Michigan University and has research interests in early-modern economic history (don’t get him started talking about price inflation in the sixteenth century!).  However, he is no stranger to literature.  He enjoys the novels of Milan Kundera and the poetry of Philip Larkin in addition to being a Shakespeare aficionado.  He has travelled extensively in North America and wandered throughout Europe from Antwerp to Zamosc.  He has also summited all but one of the 14,000+ foot peaks of Colorado (he is waiting to finish the last one together with friends) and hopes to start on the Utah 13ers soon.  Despite spending so much time on mountains, his skiing prowess remains woefully intermediate.  He welcomes any tips on skiing deep powder.

Shawn is the favorite uncle to six amazing nieces and nephews, and “avuncular” is a perfect adjective for his advising style as well.  He enjoys forming close relationships with students and watching them transform from bemused freshmen to empowered, successful alumni.  Whatever your goals and wherever you are on your path to reach them, Shawn is here to help you become who you want to be.  Be sure to meet with him soon to introduce yourself!