Research Summary

My research focuses on stereotyping, discrimination, and group oppression.


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, UC Berkeley. Project: Seeing Difference: The Ethics and Epistemology of Stereotyping
  • B.A. , Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, University of Oxford
  • B.A. , History, UC Berkeley


Professor Beeghly's primary research interests lie at the intersection of ethics, epistemology, political theory, and moral psychology.

Her current book project--What's Wrong With Stereotyping?--examines the conditions under which judging people by group membership is wrong. She also writes and teaches about topics within legal theory, including discrimination law. 

During 2016-17, Professor Beeghy organized a series of interdisciplinary conferences around the topic of "bias in context" with Professor Jules Holroyd at the University of Sheffield and Alex Madva at Cal Poly, Pomona. The final conference was held at the University of Utah in October 2017. Please see the conference website for details. Scholarly research from the conference will be featured in a special issue of The Journal of Applied Philosophy.