Curriculum Vitae Biosketch

  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Research Summary

My research interests mainly focus on the fundamental understanding of energy transport and interactions with matters in micro/nanoscales and its engineering applications in nanoscale instrumentations, manufacturing and renewable energy conversion. My research is highly multidisciplinary with solid theoretical and experimental backgrounds in different disciplines, such as near-field optics, micro/nanofluidics, and nanomaterial synthesis and manufacturing.

Research Statement

I have been working on research of micro/nanoscale energy transport and its engineering applications since my PhD. My expertise lies on tip-based thermal applications using heated cantilevers and fundamental physics of near-field thermal radiation . I have also worked on the energy interactions between nanostructures and consequent thermal, electrical, and optical responses. Through my previous experiences, I have gained experimental and theoretical backgrounds in different disciplines - micro/nanoscale thermal engineering, near-field optics, and micro/nanofluidics. My current research foci can be grouped in three main directions; (1) Tip-based nanoengineering - imaging, spectroscopy, and manufacturing, (2) self-assembly of liposome-templated multifunctional nanostructures and applications, and (3) multiscale renewable energy conversions, including near-field thermophotovoltaics, solar thermal, and pressure-retarded osmosis power generation. 


Research Keywords

  • Thermal Transport, Interest Level: 5
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy, Interest Level: 5
  • Renewable Energy Conversion Systems, Interest Level: 5
  • Nanotechnology, Interest Level: 5
  • Nanostructured Materials, Interest Level: 5
  • Nanophotonics, Interest Level: 4

Research Equipment and Testing Expertise

  • High vacuum atomic force microscope with broadband IR spectroscopic imaging capability (will be available in June 2014) - Two AFM heads (cantilever-type and tuning-fork type) - High vacuum (~10^-6 Torr) - One-body integration of Optical mirror alignment - Broadband tunable IR laser (OPO) and IR detector. Contact: Keunhan (Kay) Park , 801-581-4260 , MEB 1361.