Karen Leslie Kramer


Karen Leslie Kramer portrait
  • Associate Professor, Anthropology Department, University of Utah


Research Summary

My research interests span behavioral ecology, demography, comparative life history and reproductive ecology, the evolution of juvenility, cooperative breeding, intergenerational transfers and the interaction between economic and demographic transitions. Each of my three field sites in small scale horticultural and hunter-gatherer societies include student involvement and opportunities for graduate students to pursue their own research projects.

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • Currently funded research: Emerging Differences in Children’s Economic Roles and Parental Investment though the Fertility Transition of Maya Farmers. PI: Kramer. National Science Foundation, 08/01/2010 - present. Total project budget to date: $270,898.00
  • The Impact of Market Integration on Childhood Time Allocation, Energy Expenditure and Body Composition in a Rapidly Modernizing Indigenous Community . PI: Kramer (student grant for Sam Urlacher). National Science Foundation, REG program, 08/01/2012 - present. Total project budget to date: $5,000.00
  • The Effects of Community Based Gardens on Children’s Welfare. PI: Kramer (student grant for Luke Glowacki). National Science Foundation, 05/01/2012 - present. Total project budget to date: $5,000.00