John Chun-Han Lin portrait
  • Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Current Courses

Summer 2024

  • ATMOS 5810-011
    Experiential Learning II
  • ATMOS 6910-011
    Grad/Special Topics

Spring 2024

Fall 2023

Professional Organizations

  • American Meteorological Society. 09/2012 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Geophysical Union. 09/1998 - present. Position : Member.

Courses I Teach

  • ATMOS 3100 - Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution
    Air pollution and adverse air quality in general continue to be an issue in many regions around the world, as the global population increases and increasingly residing in urban areas, in which emissions and exposure are intensified. A knowledge of the physical processes behind air pollution—both the chemistry and meteorology—are essential for devising effective policies to combat adverse air quality. This class will examine these physical processes and will also touch upon the U.S. national and international regulatory regime that has evolved to address air pollution.
  • ATMOS 6910 - Land-Atmosphere Interactions   (
    The land and the atmosphere are two key components of planet Earth. They interact in different ways, at various timescales, to affect the climate, weather, and the air that we breathe in. In fact, we spend almost all of our time at the interface between the land and the atmosphere (except for the few astronauts among us). At this interface, energy, momentum, and mass are exchanged constantly. Of particular societal and scientific interest are fluxes of water, carbon, and pollutants. We will examine how the atmosphere impacts such fluxes, and how such fluxes, in turn, affect the atmosphere. The class combines lectures, computer labs, and perusal of the primary literature to arrive at a multi-faceted understanding of land-atmosphere interactions.
  • ATMOS-5000 - Introduction to Atmospheric Science   (
    An intermediate-level introduction to the atmospheric sciences for both atmospheric science majors and other scientists and engineers. Topics include the structure of atmosphere, atmospheric thermodynamics, cloud physics, radiative transfer, and atmospheric dynamics.